Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

So you’ve ordered a Christmas Tree, brilliant. Here are some points to consider to help make sure your tree stays as bright and fresh as the day we cut it down.


First thing to decide is where are you going to put it! We recommend you keep your tree away from any heat source. This includes radiators and any appliances that create a lot of heat.


Next is hydration. We recommend you stand your tree in a small bucket of water for at least 24hrs before bringing it inside. You’ll aid the retention of this water by cutting at least an inch off the stump before submerging it. 

Using a tree stand which can hold a small amount of water is ideal. This will mean you can continue to water the tree periodically to prevent it from drying out. The larger the tree and the warmth of your house will increase the amount you need to water the tree. You may need to do this daily!

Follow these tips and your tree should easily last into the new year…. and beyond!

What's Next?

When the festivities are over we recommend you Recycle your Christmas tree. Our friends at Farleigh Hospice are offering a tree collection service for a small donation. Details can be found on their website here:

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