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For over 40 years, our annual charitable fireworks event has been a highlight of the Chelmsford calendar. Thousands of people from the local community flock to Admirals Park to enjoy a night of food, fun, and fireworks.

The Chelmsford Fireworks event features a wide variety of food and drinks, from traditional fairground fare to gourmet street food. The funfair is here too. We also have a well stocked bar serving the best of Chelmsford beer, soft drinks, cocktails and more!

The highlight of the evening is, of course, the fireworks display, which is accompanied by music.

All profits from the event go to support local good causes and charities. Last year we raised over £40,000 to give away to charitable causes and this year we want to raise more

Sponsorship Packages Now Available!


Our Sparkler package is ideal for small companies that want to be seen by 8,000 local people and 28,000 of our social media followers. You will get 4 free tickets to attend, great for family businesses!


Our Firecracker Package is for those larger organisations who want to be seen by thousands of local people. You’ll get 10 free tickets to attend, great for those companys who like a team night out!


Our Headliner package is for large organisations. With extra shout outs, dedicated social media posts and a mammouth 20 free tickets to attend. This is the packge to go for if you really want to make a bang!

We believe the Chelmsford Round Table Charitable Fireworks event offers a great opportunity for a partnership between your business and our volunteer organisation. There are many ways in which we can work together to benefit your business and our local community, good causes and charities. Some of the elements which form part of our packages are:

So if that sounds good, please fill in your details on the form and we’ll send the full sponsorship package to you and be in touch to discuss further.

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